Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Universidad Pontificia Comillas (UPCO) hosts a Georgetown University program. This private, Jesuit university has about 7,000 students enrolled and participates in numerous international programs. Jesuit ethical standards form part of the university’s philosophy.

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It is especially known for its Business and Law school (ICADE) is located in the Argüelles campus in Madrid and offers clases in Busines and Economics, and International Relations.  The Law school housed in the same building is more restrictive.  The Cantoblanco campus (17 km from Madrid and accessible by commuter train and bus) offers studies in Theology, Philosophy, International Relations, Ciminology, Education and Psychology.  The Law school (in ICADE), the Engineering school (ICAI) and the Nursing school are off limits to our students.

Both schools also offer a few Spanish culture classes and Spanish langauge classes for the foreign student population.

The Aula de Cultura offers non- credit bearing classes in a variety of areas such as debate, photography and music. Comillas also offers sports opportunities and religious activities. There are a number of student associations and community service opportunities. A psychological counselling service is open to our students as well.


Students enrolled in the Universidad Pontificia Comillas through the GU program, are required to take a minimum of 5 courses and between 25 and 30 ECTS credits per semester. Of these, only one or two classes can be special classes offered to foreign students.  Students may enroll for the full academic year, fall, spring semesters or split year (if calendar and visa requirements permit).

When signing up for the program, and based on student's study proposal, a school of affiliation is selected. If the student primary take Business classes, they should select UPCO's Business school. If they plan on taking mostly Humanities, then that given school. Students may only cross-enroll in one class from the other school. Students pre-register before arriving to Madrid and have a two week add-drop period to make any necessary changes.