All participants in the Madrid programs must be current undergraduates at Georgetown University.

The advisor for Spain and Latin American at the Office of Global Education (OGE), together with the Progra Director,  are in charge of advising students and processing applications. Selection is completed at the Deans' Advisory Board Meeting held for this purpose. Final acceptance is determined at the host university.

Requirements include a 3.0 GPA as well as a high Spanish level. Students may attend the program for a full academic year or one semester (if calendars are compatible with GU or another split year destination).


Non-European students enrolled in the program must come with a Student Visa from the Spanish Consulate that services their place of residence. Year-long students should obtain the 90 day student visa with multiple entrances to Schengen countries and, once in Spain, process their application for a Student Permanency Card. The program staff assist students in this part of the process.

Semester students may request a 180 day student visa that does not permit extension once in Spain, but does not require further paperwork either.

In order to obtain a visa, the Spanish Consulate requires a number of documents including certificate of good health, financial guarantees, academic acceptance forms and police record forms. Program students will receive guidelines and some of the documents to use from the academic advisor at OGE.

European students do not need a visa. However they should register with the police authorities upon arrival to Madrid.

Students are expected to be responsible for obtaining their visas on their own. 


Once in Spain, full year students will need to obtain a student residency card from the local police. The program will assist them with this procedure. This card also permits students to extend they stay in Spain once they arrive (and should their original plans change).


Upon arriving to Spain, students should register their passport at the corresponding consulate. The USA Consulate permits on-line resitration via the STEP program. 


All program participants must carry Georgetown University Education Abroad health insurance provided for by CISI. Students also receive the International SOS card where they can obtain medical advise 24 hours a day. During orientation, students will receive information on how to use these services.